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Kylie is a brilliant communicator and relationship builder, and is super savvy on all things innovation. I love working with Kylie and highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone who has had plenty of practical experience implementing an innovation program (as she did so brilliantly at Brightstar) and who is awesome at building lasting relationships.

- Dr Amantha Imber, Founder and CEO of Inventium


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Kylie Savage is Innovation! Working to and alongside Kylie was fantastic - high expectations,hardworking and very rewarding. A people's person - she understands people and how to get the best out of them. She also exhibits innovation like no other! If you want magic in an organisation, then Kylie is the one who will strategise and implement the programs needed and bring the organisation on that magical journey to all succeed together.

- Nicole Doukas, General Manager, Telstra

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Kylie took on the challenging role of harnessing and realising innovative thinking in the organisation, whilst at the same time making organisational strategy more tangible and accessible by all. Kylie injected enthusiasm and drive into the Innovation programme which has resulted in a store of many new ideas, several of which have already proven to be very effective.

- Rob Chilinski, Brightstar Corp.